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What We Need

Required Documentation

Every mortgage transaction is unique to itself and thus has different requisite documentation. Below, you will find a generalized list of necessary documentation as well as an alternative list that may be applicable to you:

General Documentation

Driver’s license copy

Bank statements for the last two months

Pay stubs for the last one month

Federal Income Tax Returns for the last two years (the state version is not necessary)

W-2s, 1099s, and K-1s for the last two years

Possible Required Documentation

Recent mortgage statement(s)

Homeowner’s insurance declaration page for all properties owned

Retirement account statements for the last two months

Proof of Alimony/Child Support

Divorce Decree

Self-Employed Documentation

Current business license

Business Tax Returns for the last two years (only if your ownership is 25% or greater)

*If using funds from a business account, please provide a letter from your CPA stating that it will not affect the everyday operation of the business (assuming this is the case)


 Documentation Tips


If you are a permanent resident in the U.S., please provide a front and back copy of your Permanent Resident Card.

If you are in the U.S. on a VISA, please provide a copy.

If your license has a different address than your current address, please provide a signed letter of explanation to be added to your file.


Bank Statements

Be sure to provide all pages (even blank pages). For example, if the first page indicates it is 1 of 7, provide 7 pages for the statement.

If there are large deposits (over $500.00), please be sure to document where this money came from.  A letter of explanation is helpful. However, if you can print off the transaction information, this is even better (i.e. a copy of the check deposited).


Tax Returns

Only the Federal returns are necessary. Please be sure that page 2 of the 1040 form is signed. This is near the bottom of the second page of the 1040 and is generally unsigned due to the E-File process common among filers.

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